Why Spree with Me?

What is the core reason behind Spree with Me? What are we aiming to achieve?

Spree with Me provides more than just access to convenient, fun and transparent styling and personal shopping services. In fact, we think it has the potential to positively disrupt the personal shopping and styling industry.

The wider impact. Spree with Me will:

• Inspire you, our clients, to re-connect with your self-confidence 
• Empower female* entrepreneurs in fashion and styling and to support their earning potential, in desirable work with flexible hours
• Invigorate local retail shopping in a way that will support local designers and independent creative retailers
• Showcase the creative modern fashion cultures of destinations to travellers
• Inspire changes in spending decisions – towards being more local, ethical, and supportive of local retailers
• Positively disrupt and refashion the personal stylist industry
• Bring people together for genuine experiences in our increasingly disconnected society.

* all genders are welcome

In comparison to existing personal stylist services, the value propositions for you, our clients, include:

  • Reduced cost of styling services, our stylists have fewer fixed overheads

  • Increased ease of access to search and select between a broad choice of stylists

  • Increased variety, which will lead to greater access to niche experiences (we wish to cater: Australian designers, transgender, bilingual etc..)

  • Increased detail about the stylist and what your Spree experience will entail

  • Increased transparency with price, availability, payment and booking systems

  • Increased convenience with a trustworthy 24-hour booking and payment system

  • Increased trust with the ability to read reviews from past clients

  • Increased confidence for first-time purchasers

  • and more!

Jimmy Whittle