Answers to your questions about the 'hows', 'whys', and 'what ifs' of booking a personal fashion stylist or personal shopper through Spree with Me.

Why do I need to login to make a booking?

A vital part of logging in opens you to access certain features of our website, including the online chat function for communicating with the Style Squad. Pre-communication with your chosen Style Maven will best ensure that the Spree of your choice is customised to fit your exact needs.

Why should I create a profile?

While it’s not mandatory, creating a profile supports your Style Maven to help you by allowing them to get to know you a little better. Understanding your lifestyle will allow them to plan to take you to places would best fit your needs.

Uploading a photo that shows your face and whole body will help your stylist to recognise you in public, plan for any fittings, and understand your usual style.

Where do I meet you?

The meeting place is listed on the Spree you have booked, with a point on the map to assist. Your Style Maven may furthermore clarify the meeting place with you further via the online chat function, you’ll get an email notification when you receive a message (check your Spam folder).

How does the Style Squad work?

The Style Squad are independent personal stylists who are engaged with Spree with Me as their booking platform using a sharing economy service business model. As such, Style Mavens have independently developed their own Spree content and experiences for booking, and they select where and when they wish to offer their services. Having said that, we also operate as a supportive team.

What should I wear on a Spree?

Wear something that you feel great in that is also comfortable but also very ‘you’. Simple shaped pants or jeans and a fitted t-shirt is a good choice. Wear your good, basic shape underwear that won’t bunch under clothes. Ladies, it’s better to wear a separate top and bottom as opposed to a dress for trying on separates. Choose shoes that are easy to take off and quickly put back on again.

Do I need to know what my style is before shopping?

No. But we do encourage you to think about this before your Spree so that you can communicate it to your Style Maven. For example, what outfits have been your absolute favourite in the past? When you have felt your most authentic self, and why? Which celebrity’s style do you admire?

Should I have a budget in mind for my Spree?

If you have certain things in mind that you want to look for, then yes. Having a budget in mind helps your stylist to curate what stores to take you to and ensures an outcome that allows you to be comfortable and accessible when purchasing. It will inevitably help also if they’re doing a pre-shop for you.

Do I need to purchase items on a Spree?

No. Sprees are primarily about the learning experience of discovering new styles and places. Our Style Squad are not sales people and you won’t ever feel any pressure to buy.

Does the Style Squad get store commissions?

No, it is against Spree with Me’s guidelines for Style Mavens to receive store commission. Besides, nobody wants to feel like they went to a shop just because you get a kick-back. Some stylists may be privy to purchase discounts though, in which case your stylist can pass these onto you.

How do you get paid?

When you pay, funds are held safely in a third-party holding by Stripe until the time that the Spree has been completed. After the Spree, funds are allocated automatically to your Style Maven. Spree with Me operates with a small percentage of bookings when the Stylist is paid.

What does a Spree session cost?

Price per hour is set by the Style Maven depending on their experience, and each rate is clearly stated on each Spree. Please note the minimum duration as outlined in each Spree.

My Stylist has asked for my number – is that ok?

Our online chat function avoids you needing to exchange personal contact information. However, if you have already confirmed your booking, having a phone or video chat may enrich your experience by supporting your stylist to understand your needs. You’re under no obligation to share your contacts, and participation in those conversations is completely up to you.

Please note that using the chat function is vital for confirming important information or changing any booking details, as it’s your best supporting evidence in the rare case of dispute.

What if we need to drive to another location on the Spree?

We strongly recommend you do not travel in private vehicles together – to do so is outside of the Spree with Me guidelines and would thus become a private agreement between the two of you. Instead, we recommend you arrange an Uber or a Taxi.

How do I leave a review?

At the end of your Spree experience, you’ll be prompted via email to return to this website and ‘mark as complete’, after which you will be able to leave a review. The Style Squad can also leave a review for you in return.

Looking for more? Check out the Spree Decree for client agreements