This is a quick overview of some of the key points within our Terms and Conditions.

1 This site

I understand that I’m using this site as a booking platform and any booking agreements made are between myself and the Style Maven, or collectively as the Style Squad.

2 Squad

By booking I embrace being part of the fabulous #SpreeSquad, known for our confidence in highlighting our authentic personal style and willingness to lift up and empower one another.

3 booking

I understand that the booking calendar is generally up-to-date but that Spree with Me cannot guarantee that my chosen Style Maven will be available that particular time and day.

Upon booking, I will honour the minimum time requirement as listed on the Spree in booking.

After booking, I will anticipate receiving a confirmation up to 24 hours after my booking request. Bookings not replied to within 72 hours are automatically refunded.

4 chat

I will communicate with my Style Maven via Spree’s chat function, which will help us both prepare for the Spree. I also understand this is the best evidence I can use in the very rare case of a dispute.

5 late

I understand that I may forfeit a portion of my time if I am late on the day, up to 20 mins. If I’m later than that, I understand my Spree may be cancelled. I understand that booking times can’t be changed unless they are approved in writing prior by the Style Maven on the message function.

I will prioritise buying locally. I will curiously seek out local designers and aim to continually improve my mindful consumerism; stopping to consider the sustainability and ethics of my purchases. I understand that investing in items that will last longer are the better choice.

6 ethicAL

7 travel

I understand that I am recommended not to travel in a private vehicle with a Style Maven and understand that I am not covered for liability for may accident or similar that may occur.

8 friends

I understand that friends or family members may not accompany me on a Spree styling session. Exceptions to this include group bookings where it as promoted for more than one person on the Spree, or group classes.

9 review

After a Spree, I will return to this site to confirm the Spree. I believe that a fabulous stylist deserves a fabulous review!  

(or constructive feedback on how they might make a Spree more fabulous).


I will share my shining moments with @spreewithmehq with #spreesquad

Please read our full Terms and Conditions before purchasing.