Information about Spree with Me


Our Vision is:

To bring people together and make the world a more connected place 
through fun shopping adventures and shared personal experiences
that help you embrace individual style and make you feel fabulous,
and that empowers entrepreneurs and other local retail businesses.


Fashion and adventure are about trying new things.

What if you could do both at once, with someone wonderful to guide you?

Spree with Me is a new way to connect with like-minded style experts for exclusive guided shopping adventures.

Whatever your style – or whether you’re shopping for fashion, homewares, gifts or more – find a Style Artist for your VIP shopping Spree.

Our Style Squad is a collective of savvy personal stylists and shoppers who can help you explore shopping locations, unearth hidden gems or discover lust-worthy looks.  

Select a Style Artist based on location, style of shopping Spree, price, or the vibe you get from their profile. Brisbane is our first port of call! 

The Spree you choose simply depends on the experience you’re seeking:

  • Would you like to find a personal stylist who resonates with you, and who can help you to update your everyday style?
  • Do you need to find a perfect occasion outfit in short amount of time?
  • Do you want to seek out the local trendy designers in a town you’re unfamiliar with?
  • Do you want to explore a new location, finding hidden gems and experiences you would have otherwise missed by yourself?
  • Would you prefer to hunt down antiques or vintage finds with a local  expert?
  • Do you want to be greeted like an old friend by stallholders at the markets?
  • Or maybe a luxury shopping experience with someone who can give you quality advice, VIP treatment, and take you to exclusive spots, is more your thing?
  • Do you want to explore somewhere new, that steps you out of your comfort zone, with so much confidence that you feel like you’re shopping like a local expert?

Find a Spree that suits thee!



I'm a Brisbane mum with a family and two young girls. (I've developed this business during nap times).

My aim is to bring people together through fun shopping adventures that help you feel confident and fabulous, and to empower other female entrepreneurs.

My values for Spree with Me include personal connections, courage and adventure, sharing and generosity, mindful consumerism, celebrating individualism and entrepreneurial spirit. 

I want everyone to feel be-YOU-tiful. I love seeing people who have embraced their individual style. I love meeting authentic people, offline. I love connecting with people and having fun. 

I love generously exchanging ideas and things I've learned. I love when women support each other and when their words and actions lift each other up. I love creativity.

This concept originated simply because I have wanted a Spree experience myself, many times! For example, I could have really used Spree with Me on holidays I've spent walking for days - scouring Melbourne & Sydney in pursuit of eclectic and vintage fashion stores. I might have saved heaps of time and actually found what I was looking for in Bali had I known where to find someone to take me on a quick local of locally crafted homewares. I'm embarrassed to mention the number of evenings I've wasted looking online for 'the perfect dress', which wasn't so perfect when it arrived. And most recently, after (gleefully) waving goodbye to my maternity clothes (of two pregnancies) and realising that my style and wardrobe desperately needed a revamp. But where to start and who's got time for that? (Thank you to the stylist who zoomed me around the shops and helped me to see that I could indeed wear high-waisted pants!).

Finally, I want to celebrate Brisbane for it's fantastic style. Then Australia. Then the world. My business goals include expanding to support a limitless number of local shoppers and stylists with bookings by both locals and travellers.

I prefer to use 'us' and 'we' when I refer to Spree with Me; because it's a collective, and one we'd love you to be a part of.

Love and fabulousness,

Imogene & the Style Squad