Step 3: Rock your Spree

You’re both prepared and today’s the big day. How exciting!

16. Check if you were recommended to bring anything particular with you on the day in the Spree description. Sometimes these can be things such as wear comfy shoes, a photo of something you want to match to, a piece of inspiration or byo shopping bag.

17. Confirm the meeting place - this will be in the original Spree description and confirmed via the chat function.

18. When you’re meeting up, keep your profile close because your Style Maven may communicate with you via the chat function if you can’t find each other.

19. When you meet on the day, anticipate having a very quick sit and chat first to go through the plan of the day and to make sure your expectations are in alignment.

20. Remember that our Style Squad works for you. While our Style Square are fabulous, you are the rock star of the day!
Know that it’s against our guidelines for the Style Squad to receive any kickbacks from stores you buy from (we agree - we think that feels icky). They will give you suggestions on where to shop but you’re in the driver’s seat, so don’t hold back if you’d like to fast-forward to a different shop or slow down and have a pit-stop.

21. Let the Spree begin! Have fun!!!

22. Don’t forget to tag #spreewithmeHQ and #spreesquad on Instagram in your envy-inducing social media posts of your day! Find us on Instagram at @spreewithmehq

23. After your Spree, you’ll be prompted by email to please return to this website to mark your Spree as complete, and to please leave a review. All feedback is warmly welcomed. It will help our Style Mavens to build their profiles and it’ll assist us to ensure our systems of service quality. We hope it’s been fabulous!

Please note when you ‘Mark as Complete’ your experience, it flags to us that all went as planned and your Style Maven receives payment.

You will also see a ‘dispute’ option, but please only do this if you had a major problem with your experience - you will still be charged. Hitting dispute will delay when your Style Maven receives their payment and starts communications with us that you experienced a major issue. If you something was unfortunately not to your liking, it is best practice to please hit ‘mark as complete’ and leave constructive feedback for improvement.

23. We’d also LOVE to see photos of you dressed in your new outfits. Tag #spreewithme and #spreesquad. Find us @spreewithmehq

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