Step 1: Choose your Spree

1. Create a Log In for this site, when you sign up confirm your email address via your email account.

2. Search for a shopping Spree that appeals to you. Search by:

- City location: Brisbane (only, but not for long)

- Category: Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Homewares & Gifts, or ‘Fashion Hotspot’

Fashion hotspot is a great option for travellers - it’s perfect if you want to visit and shop in a particular location but you’re not looking for anything specific.

- Narrow your searches with:
Fashion: Update my style, Special occasion, Corporate wear, Pre-loved
Homewares: Markets, Homewares, Antiques & Vintage, Gifts & Toys

3. You’ll see a filtered view of the Sprees on offer.

4. You can view our Style Squad’s personal profiles by clicking on their name listed on each Spree. Find out more about their skills, experience, qualifications, personality and style. Each stylist profile page also lists all of their Sprees on offer in the one place.

5. View your favourite Spree. Check the location, availability on the calendar, the minimum duration and price per hour works for you.

6. Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect Spree for you and you’re ready to make a booking…

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