Step 2: Book your Spree

By this step, you have found the perfect Spree match for you. What next?

5. Make sure you’ve Logged In

6. In the Spree of your choice, select your preferred date in the calendar.

7. Check the minimum duration in the Spree description.

8. Enter your desired start and end times and request to meet.

9. At the same time, you can enter a message or ask a question in the text box which will be be sent directly to the Style Maven.

10. Approve our Terms and Conditions before you enter your payment details via credit card.

11. Your booking will then be sent to your Style Maven for approval*

12. You may create a personal profile on this site. It’s a great way to share more info about you before your Spree. Show your personal flair! You have the option of uploading a photo - square in shape. We recommend you consider a profile photo that shows your face and whole body; it’ll help your stylist to recognise you in public and to plan for any fittings.

13. Your Spree has been approved - congratulations! You will receive this approval via an email notification. What’s next?

14. Your Style Maven will chat with you via the message function on this site to confirm details. You’ll get an email notification when that happens.

15. Reply with as much relevant detail as you can to help them best prepare for when you meet.
Stylists will sometimes do a pre-shop based on the information you provide. The pre-shop will be in the Spree description if they offer this service.

* You’ll be charged only if they accept your booking, and you should hear back from them within 48 hours. If, however, they do not respond within 3 days or if they decline to accept your transaction, then no charge is made. Spree with Me does not store your credit/debit card information and your payment is held securely processed by our third-party payment system.