Example: Style Makeover, Queen St Mall

Invest in updating your wardrobe with new items that you will love, and leave your feeling and looking amazing.

Enjoy shopping in the widest array of Brisbane's top fashion with Imogene, your stylist and guide.

We will create a customised shopping Spree based on your personal style.

When we meet, we can have a sit and chat about what you’re looking for on the day. Then we can browse approximately 10 shops before deciding if you want to grab something to keep your energy up at a local café, and deciding if you want to go back to any of the earlier shops, or continue exploring.

Spree Highlights: Learn how to best dress for your shape
Don't miss on this Spree: Top floor of Queen's Plaza
Other relevant information about me for this tour:: I have a Masters in fashion and have spent 4 years working in the Queen Street Mall, I am extremely familiar with the shops and retail staff!
Minimum duration: 2 hours
Where will I meet you?: Bench seat outside Jimmy's on The Mall, https://goo.gl/maps/khfgQqzzMD12
Special instructions: Wear comfortable shoes.
Gold Coast (coming soon)
Melbourne (coming soon)
Byron (coming soon)
Sydney (coming soon)
Fashion search:
Update my style
Special occasion
Corporate wear
Language/s (other than English):
Other (please contact us to add a language you offer)
Comment on language ability: Conversational