Information about Spree with Me

How it works
Search for and book a shopping Spree that suits you. Sign-up or log-in, book and pay online, and then connect to chat with your Style Artist to arrange your meeting. Then have a stylish adventure to remember!

Our Style Squad is a collective of Style Artists - fashion and style experts - who run shopping Sprees independently as their own small businesses. Type of Spree offered and price per Spree is set by the Style Artists and based on their level of skill/experience/inside knowledge required for that Spree. Our Style Squad works for you; it's against our guidelines for Style Artists to receive any store sales commissions or profit from retail benefit schemes while working with you.

Steps - How to Spree with Me!

1.     Create a login for this website. Sign up and confirm your email address via your email account.

2.  You have the option of creating a profile to connect with a Style Artist. Show your personal flair! Consider a profile photo that shows your face; it'll make it easier for you to find each other in public later on.

3.     Search for a shopping Spree or Style Artist that appeals to you and book a shopping date with our online booking tool and payment

4.  Leave a message relating to any flexibility of time request, or location request to meet if you have one.

5.    Once confirmed, communicate directly with the Style Artist to confirm the meeting place and time with the message function.

6.     Complete a survey that will be emailed to you about what you're seeking. We recommend giving your Style Artist as much relevant information about what you’re looking for, and why, so that they can be prepared in advance for when you meet.

7.     When you meet on the day, have a quick sit and chat first to make a plan and ensure your expectations are in alignment.

8.     Let the Spree begin!  Have fun!!

9.     Don’t forget to tag #spreewithme in your envy-inducing social media posts!

10.    Your Style Artist will receive automatic payment upon completion of your shopping Spree. 

11.     After your Spree, you will be prompted to rate and review your Spree with Me experience. Please recommend your Style Artist when you've had a fabulous time and provide any feedback to help improve our systems of service quality.