You've Listed a Spree, what's next?

Congratulations! Your Spree is live, it’s getting views and you’ve just received your first customer. What’s next?

  1. Receive and confirm a booking request
    When you get a booking, you’ll receive an email notification asking you to confirm their booking request. Reply to the client via the messaging tool on this website.

    Discuss the exact public meeting place in the chat function and send them the google link and address listed in your Spree. This should be part of your Spree description already, but it’s good to confirm.

  2. Continue the booking conversation to find out more
    Use the messaging tool on this website. Have a set range of questions that you ask clients to discuss their shopping needs. These will differ depending on the experience you offer but may include style, tastes, occasion, and more. If you use a survey, we recommend you develop an online questionnaire and share the link via the chat - it is much more convenient for the clients to fill it in and return to you that way.

  3. Preparation
    Use their info provided to help you to prepare in advance for when you meet on the day. Create a rough plan of the places you will take them.

  4. Greeting the client
    When you meet on the day, have a quick sit and chat first to share your plan for the day, to ask them more questions, and ensure your expectations are in alignment. Effective listening is key. (Ps – don’t forget to mention that you can both stop for a drink/snack break or find a bathroom whenever they want).

  5. Have great fun on your Spree!
    Remain upbeat, responsive, and flexible to what is on your plan.

  6. Take photos
    Offer to take photos of them with their phone of before and after shots of their new look and remind them to hashtag #spreewithme #spreewithmehq and #spreesquad today and on their special day! Or also ask to take photos with your phone and request their permission for you to post photos to #spreewithme to help promote your services.

  7. Wrap-up
    Graciously thank them at the end of your Spree. You may see them again someday! Ask them to kindly ‘ mark as complete’ your Spree and leave an online review - they would have received an email notification from us or they can simply return to this website and log in to their profile.

  8. Payment

    Your payment will be automatically processed at the conclusion of your Spree. No money needs to change hands. Easy.

Jimmy Whittle