How to List a Spree

Once you have a profile setup, login and click:  [+Offer a New Spree]


1.     Listing Title: Name of Spree, Location

Please format with a 2 to 3 word title followed by the location.  Keep it clear and concise.

Eg:  Style Update, Queen Street Mall.

2. Enter a Price This is price per hour, set by you.

Your remuneration will be 85% of your chosen hourly price. You may increase your fee at any time; best to do it in relation to increasing demand for your services and fantastic reviews.


3. Detailed Description:

Approximately 50 to 200 words are ideal.  Go into as much description as possible about what the Spree will entail, the itinerary, any stops you might make along the way, any additional services or information that you offer. Describe how the Spree will start, what will happen in the middle, and how it will end.

Formatting tips:

# Header title

## Sub-heading

### Heading 3 (looks a bit like bold)




(Plus the following only work on listings, not profiles:)

> formats like a quote

> second line of the quote

>> indented quote line

-line 1(dash for bullet point 1)

-line 2 (dash for bullet point 2)

-line 3 (dash for bullet point 3)

*** (insert a line)

Video – if you want to, you can upload a video. You may enter links to any of your own videos with YouTube links and the videos will be shown below the description.

4. Fashion Category: select suitability of this experience, for one, two or three of the following:

Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Gender Inclusive Fashion.


5. Spree Highlights

What are the best things about this Spree?


6. Don’t miss on this Spree

List some quirky things about what they’ll see, do or experience (Brisbane’s most popular…), favourite stores (everyone loves…), special treats along the way (amazing chocolate store?)


7. Other relevant information about me for this tour:

You may have listed your credentials in your bio but if something is specifically important and relevant to this tour, you may want to highlight it again. Eg, 2 years experience as a personal stylist.


8. Minimum Duration:

1 hour absolute minimum, but usually 2-4 hours is ideal. You choose.


9. Where will I meet you? 
Add a description of where, but also include a Google link. Get the location Google Link by searching your location in Google Maps, press share and copy the short link. Also name the exact place, such as you might choose a bench seat or an info desk where you can have a quick chat but you don’t have to spend Client’s time ordering from a café.


10. Special instructions:

You may want to add info about what to bring (an eco-shopping bag?) wear (comfy shoes?) or more info on your meeting place, or anything else.

11. Further notes on calendar availability

Useful if you have a few odd exceptions coming up to your usual availability. Feel free to add specific dates up to 3 months in advance.

NB: Public holidays aren’t automatically blocked out on our calendar but our Terms do state that we do not operate on public holidays. If you do receive a request for a booking on a day such as a date you have listed, or a public holiday you do not want to work, you do not have to honour the booking and you may choose to not accept it.

12. Fashion Search:

Select the valid fields: Update my style, Special occasion, Corporate wear, Pre-loved fashion, Fashion Hotspots


13. City. Obvs.

14. Language/s (other than english) this tour is offered in:

Please also leave a comment describing your language ability - beginner, conversational, intermediate or advanced.

15. Location*:

Be specific. List where you’d ideally like to meet and make it a specific spot on the map.


15. Images – at least one image

For best results, use JPG, GIF or PNG images that are 660x440 pixels

Great photos will help sell your Spree, and they must be of the actual location. You may only use photos you have the rights to use and share. Pictures that are colourful, fun, and true to location are necessary. When you’re getting started, consider taking your first photos on a mock tour with friends or the Spree with Me Team.


16. Availability

List your usual availability in days and hours you can usually work each week. Please be as specific as possible, and don’t forget to update it if your availability changes.

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