Join our Style Squad

Spree with Me is a new way for you to build your business as an individual stylist or provider of personal shopping services, where the customer goes shopping with you. This website will host the profiles of a number of style mavens – called our Style Squad – for exclusive, fun shopping adventures.

We are inviting a select few Brisbane Fashion entrepreneurs to join our Style Squad first. We are seeking 6 to 10 innovative fashion gurus in Brisbane to start with and we will grow from there after we launch. We are strategically starting with a small group of stylists while we are still in the testing and soft-launch phase, but we anticipate growing rapidly.

This website will be your tool to list shopping adventures, to book and communicate with clients. It’s a great way to build your clientele and start making money right away with no financial outlay.

Spree with Me is best for you if:

  1. you are experienced but starting out as a personal stylist/personal shopper

  2. if you are currently already working as a Stylist but you’d like to be booking more clients, and/or

  3. if you are an experienced Stylist who spends too much time and money on administration, booking systems, marketing and promotions of your current business.

  4. you may also be interested in working with Spree With Me if you’re experienced in a niche retail subject and would like to share your expert knowledge in a specifically designed shopping Spree.

What’s unique about this business is that this booking website works on a sharing economy service model – so, it’s a bit like the ‘AirBnB of shopping services’.

You benefit from selling your services as a low-risk business with no financial outlay. You also have the benefit of flexibility and can choose when, where and how much you work.

Spree with Me will supply professional support and business services, marketing and promotional services, bookings and transactions, support your positioning to build a niche market, help you help you attract the best customers for you, and much more. You may choose your hourly rate. In return for the benefits Spree with Me provides, we ask for 15% of your bookings. I’d love to help you succeed so that we can be successful together.

I’m a 30-something, Brisbanite entrepreneur and mum with a vision of building an innovative new business that supports and empowers women, which I think will be really fun to be a part of. If we have not yet met, I’d love to chat with you more about it.

Also, if you know anyone else who is suitably experienced and would also be great at this, I welcome you to please extend this invitation or recommend them to me.


Imogene Whittle