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Hi, I’m Imogene - the Founder and Director of Spree with Me.

I'm a Brisbane entrepreneur and mum, with two young girls. 

Spree with Me brings people together. It’s a celebration of women lifting each other up, of inspiring your increased self-confidence and reconnecting with your authentic self, but also of having new adventures and being open to try new things.

In the creation of Spree With Me, we empower entrepreneurial women with new earning opportunities and financial independence. We are also proud to support local creative retailers and influence change in spending decisions towards locally, sustainably and ethically made goods.

We showcase and celebrate modern fashion cultures to travellers; starting with Brisbane’s creative fashion scene. Then Australia’s. Then the world’s! We look forward to expanding to support a limitless number of local shoppers and stylists with bookings by both locals and globetrotters.

Spree With Me positively disrupts and refashions the personal stylist industry. We will inspire more people to identify that they can access these services that are sometimes considered for the elite few.

Spree with Me started when I discovered inefficiencies in the personal styling industry, for both stylists and customers. I saw a great opportunity to create a system that improves the gaps in the information and systems, that would also help people and is scalable. My personal background is in Creative Industries Management and Direction, strategic marketing and small business/career coach (emerging artists to executives).

Spree with Me is a concept that originated because it’s the type of service I’d like to use myself. The idea stemmed from when I was holidaying and kept getting stuck in the ‘tourist traps’ when I was shopping. I wanted to buy unique items that were preferably created locally and I wanted a friendly resident to show me where the locals shopped for local designer fashion or hand crafted goods. I’ve also wanted a similar service of a friendly local when I wasted time on holiday in Australia hunting for stores I’d read about in blogs or social media. I'm embarrassed to mention the number of evenings at home that I've wasted looking online for 'the perfect dress', which wasn't so perfect for me when it arrived. I decided I wanted the services of a personal stylist after realising my wardrobe needed a revamp after my second baby. I also found it surprisingly difficult to find a local stylist in Brisbane, someone who resonated with style, my budget and me. Enter: Spree With Me!

I love meeting authentic people, offline. I love connecting with people and having fun. I love generously exchanging ideas. I love when women support each other and when their words and actions lift each other up. 

Now it’s your time to feel be-YOU-tiful. It’s your time to feel confident, creative, and to truly embrace your individual style.

We aspire to build a legacy of self-confident and financially independent women* who empower one another. Come join us.

I prefer to use 'us' when I refer to Spree with Me; because it's a collective, and one we'd love you to be a part of.

Love and fabulousness,

Imogene & the Style Squad


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