About Spree With Me

Our Vision is:

to help you embrace your individual style and make you feel fabulous

through fun shopping adventures that bring people together

that empower female entrepreneurs and supports local designers and retail businesses. 

Fashion and adventure are about trying new things.

What if you could do both at once, with someone wonderful to guide you?

Spree with Me is a new way to connect with style experts for exclusive guided shopping adventures.  Whatever your style – or whether you’re shopping for fashion, homewares, gifts or more – our Style Squad can help you find what you're looking for with a VIP shopping Spree.

Our Style Squad is a collective of savvy personal stylists and shoppers who can help you explore new shopping locations, help you find out what items are best for you or discover new lust-worthy looks. You will save shopping time and money, when you invest in long-lasting and flattering items. 

Select a Spree based on location, by category of goods or style, by style of shopping Spree, by availability, from the vibe you get from our Style Squad's personal profiles, and more.

The Spree you choose simply depends on the experience you’re seeking:

  • Do you need to find a perfect occasion outfit in short amount of time?

  • Do you want to update your everyday style with the help of a personal stylist who can give you advice on best style, shape and colour?

  • Do you want to seek out the trendy local designers in a town you’re unfamiliar with?

  • Do you want to explore a new shopping location and find hidden gems you would have otherwise missed by yourself?

  • Would you prefer to shop with a local expert in your hunt for niche items (jewellery, antiques, art etc)

  • Do you want to connection with someone? Someone who’s friendly, fun and gives excellent advice? Sometimes Hubby just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes we travel solo. No excuses needed.

  • Or maybe a luxury shopping experience with someone who can take you to exclusive locations, give you VIP treatment and quality advice is more your thing?

  • Do you want to explore somewhere new, that steps you out of your comfort zone, with so much confidence that you feel like you’re shopping like a local expert?

Yes? Then find your match with our Style Squad now

Jimmy Whittle