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[Disclaimer: Although this website is live, Spree with Me is still in its pre-launch phase. Please note that this website is not yet full of content. The Sprees listed and Style Squad profiles on this site so far are all EXAMPLES ONLY. Much of the copy and branding is also not yet complete. But if you are looking at it now - I’m excited to share my vision with you and I thank you for your support in this foundational stage.]

Spree With Me & shop with a stylish local. It’s a new way for you to have a shopping adventure with a personal stylist or personal shopper!

Upgrade and celebrate your authentic style. Discover flattering investment pieces, get local insight into fashion hotspots, shop ethically and find some hidden gems along the way.

Choose your shopping match from our ‘Style Squad’; our network of independent stylish local experts who each have a niche expertise, experience or service offering.

You can search for a ‘Spree’ by location, by category of goods or style, by Spree experiences offered, availability, personal profiles of our Style Squad, and more.

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